Long-lasting Upgrading and Refurbishing Solutions for Industrial PC and Old Installations

Ecological factors aren't the only reason companies might reconsider a complete renewal of the whole IT infrastructure. It can be a lot more time and cost efficient to refurbish old computers and IT equipment. However this is not always possible. Solcon-manufactured industrial computer are designed for many years of operation. We guarantee long-term availability of at least 10 years for our built-in components as well as upgradeability of our computers. This is why in most cases complete replacements are unnecessary because old components can be inexpensively replaced with new components. 

With made-to-measure solutions our customers can avoid costly and time-consuming reconstruction of their old installations. During the replacement progress switch panels can be used continually without any down time and without having to temporarily abandon working with the latest computer technology. 

Example: Weber Bluhm Group

New stainless steel industrial computers with a 15 inch display were tailor-made for Weber Bluhm Group.

The size of the old cases were adopted to fit the new computers perfectly into the existing lockable mounts in the production plant and the IPC are completely compatible with existing peripheries. 

Visually there is no big difference between old and new, only the back looks slightly different. The front seems almost the same. The new computer is minimally bigger but also much more efficient and powerful!

Just like the old devices, the new computers can be placed inside the control cabinets with a single hand movement and be fixated afterwards.