UniDat IPC Stainless Steel PCAP

The UniDat Stainless Steel PCAP comes with a stainless steel case and a PCAP touchstreen and is due to its easily cleanable and sanitizeable surface suitable for applications in hygienic areas.  The modern touch technology is equipped with gesture recognition and can be operated even while wearing thick gloves. The heart of this device is the energy efficient Intel J1900 quad core processor.

The WXGA Display on the UniDat Stainless Steel PCAP features a very high contrast, is very bright and has LED backlighting. It can be dimmed steplessly through the foil keyboard so the brightness can be adjusted to any light condition.

The UniDat Stainless Steel PCAP is moisture and dirt repellant and can be handled at temperatures ranging from 0 to +50° Celcius. It is available with USB ports, Ethernet, serial interfaces and WLAN is optional. The 230 V AC power supply unit is located inside the case. Upon request voltage range from 9-36 V DC are also available and customization is possible at any time.

Monitor diagonals: 19 inches (other sizes available upon request)

Format: 16:9 or 4:3


  • Scratch-resistant glass-film-glass touch
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be operated even when wearing gloves or using pointed objects (e.g. pens)
  • One of the lightest stainless steel IPC on the market (less than 10kg)