RFID and Locating Components

Industry 4.0: Process Optimization through Digitalization

The biggest optimization potential in logistics lies in the areas of storage, warehousing and incoming goods. To be able to optimize a work process it is necessary to be able to have a fully transparent, direct and reliable flow of information and data. This includes clear labeling of goods for seamless tracking as well as digital transmission and processing of data. For companies, who want to take the next step towards digital business transformation, investments in innovative RFID and locating technology can not only save costs down the road but are also necessary.

EOS - Our Customizable Modular Construction System for Collecting Condition, Locating and Auto-ID Data in Real-Time

Depending on the task at hand, the requirements in terms of precision and environmental conditions vary so that different locating technologies are used, e.g. RFID, UWB, GPS, Bluetooth or a combination of those. 

The used hardware and software components are our in-house developments.