UniDat IPC Freeze

Industrial PC for freezer areas 

The UniDat Freeze comes with a heatable touchscreen display and its integrated heating device protects the inside of the case against condensation formation. Optimized for the use in freezing conditions, there is no performance loss even when exposed to high temperature variations, even as low as -30° Celsius. 

Due to its compact size the use in vehicles, e.g. forklift terminals in deep-freeze warehouses or cold storages is also possible. 

Monitor diagonals: 10, 12 inches


  • No performance loss at temperatures as low as -30° Celsius
  • Resistant to high temperature variations (with dry cartridge)
  • Ideal for forklift terminals in frozen logistics industry

Fields of Application

  • Food logistics
  • deep-freeze warehouses
  • Cold storage houses
  • Frost
  • Extrem temperature variations