UniDat IPC Med

Industrial PC for Medical Applications

As a result of the continuous solid glass front the UniDat Med can be cleaned and sanitized easily and the completely enclosed aluminium case with glas bead blasted surface protects the inside from external influences. That's why the UniDat Med meets highest hygiene requirements and is designed for applications or the like in laboratories in the medicine, pharmaceutical and food sector.

The PCI touchscreen is available in a black printed framework or colored decorative glass. A customized print motive or company sign can be printed using a special back printing technique. 

Just like any UniDat industrial computer this version is of modular design and various upgrades are possible and accessories available to fit every customer's need. Upgrades include any IP protection category and customized connections and ports. 

Monitor diagonals: 10 inches



  • Continuous glass front - easy to clean and sanitize - customized print possible
  • Extra bright display and wide viewing angle
  • Intel J1900 Quad Core
  • Robust construction, IP 54 or higher possible
  • Heat and cold resistant (0° to +55° Celsius)
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Connections, Interfaces and ports customizable

Fields of Application

  • Medical and pharmaceutical sector
  • Food industry
  • Industry
  • Laboratories