Our industrial computers are solely built with high-class components for which we guarantee long-term availability. The modular design and our perfect workmanship “Made in Germany” allow refittings and hence create the ability to upgrade the IPC post hoc. That’s why our devices are robust and suitable for duties in freezing conditions according to industrial standards. They also grant our customers a high degree of investment security.

Extra robust: UniDat IPC fully milled Aluminum Casing

Due to the fully milled aluminum casing these industrial computers are designed for extremely rugged environments. With monitor diagonals of 10" and 12", they are extra shock-proof, dust-proof and available in three different versions: UniDat SlimUniDat Freeze resistant to temperature differences from -30°C up to +65°C and the UniDat Med with a continuous glass front to reduce germ formation.

UniDat IPC Aluminum Casing and Steel Back

These robust industrial computers are mostly used as vehicle computers or terminal computer, e.g. as a machine control device. The UniDat Small IPC are available in monitor diagonals of 6,5" and 8,5". The UniDat Slim are available in monitor diagonals of 15", 17" and 19". All connections, interfaces and ports are customized to suit our customer’s specific requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of mounting concepts for different fields of application. 

UniDat IPC Stainless Steel

Our UniDat Stainless Steel featuring a complete stainless steel casing for specifically hygienic environments are available in three different display versions: With a robust Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) touchscreen, a projective-capacitive touchscreen (PCAP), which can even be used wearing gloves and a complete laminated front.