Our “UniDat” industrial computer range features a variety of different versions, each designed and optimized for its own area of operation. Among others, the range include robust IPC for forklift terminals, cold-resistant IPC with an integrated heating solution and IPC for hygienic environments with special sealings and a stainless steel casing. We configure and manufacture every model customer-specific. In addition to the industrial computers we also develop OEM computers and prototypes. 

Industrial PC

IPC, Industrie PC in medizinischem Umfeld, Hygienebereich
Industrie PC in einer Einsatzumgebung

Custom-made for Logistics, Medical and Food Industry

Mobile Workplaces

Mehrere Mobilwagen 1100 in verschiedenen Farben in einer Lagerumgebung

Save Time and Money with Mobile Workplaces by Solcon Systemtechnik

Real-time Location

Tags Empfänger Anker Ortungssystem EOS Solcon Systemtechnik
Mehrere Komponenten und Tags des EOS-Systems der Solcon Systemtechnik GmbH

Process Digitization

RFID- and UWB-Locating Systems for Logistics and Industry

Our EOS modular system allows us to easily develop customer-specific locating systems for detection and tracking of objects and individuals for logistics and industry. Depending on the requirements, a combination of different technologies and components can be used to create the perfect locating solution, using RFID, UWB, GPS, BLE and more. 

Industrial PC, Mobile Workplaces, RFID and UWB locating systems

Solcon is a Lübeck-based manufacturer of customized industrial PC, mobile workstations and developer of system solutions based on RFID and other locating-technology. Target industries are logistics, manufacturing, medical engineering and ports as well as airports. All products and system solutions are suited for the use in rugged environments and are configured and manufactured customer-specific.

  • Mobile Workstations

    Mobile WorkstationsWith our Mobile Trolleys many walks become superflous. These carts take notebook, printer or terminal pc wherever they're needed  - mehr

  • Locating & Auto-ID

    Locating & Auto-IDPositioning and Auto-ID technology has many uses. We develop applications based on GPS, LPS, RTLS, GPRS, Bluetooth ™ and RFID - mehr

  • UniDat Industrial PC Range

    UniDat Industrial PC RangeIndustrial PC for industrial purposes and logistics. Available screen sizes are from 6,5 to 70 inches. All models are customizable to our customers needs, - mehr