UniDat IPC Stainless Steel

The Industrial PC for Hygienic Areas

Anywhere were hygiene is paramount like medical areas, in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry or in food processing, data processing devices are subject to special requirements. The case design of the UniDat Stainless Steel IPC range has been optimized to meet those high hygiene standards. The extremely smooth stainless steel surface and special connections and ports reduce germ formation and make the device easy to clean and sanitize. Even strong cleaning and disinfection solutions can't give them any grief. 

The UniDat Stainless Steel range are available in three versions:

Industrie PC IPC UniDat Edelstahl Touchscreen
IPC Industrie PC aus Edelstahl mit Touchscreen laminierte Front
Industrie PC IPC UniDat Edelstahl PCAP Touchscreen

Fields of Application