Mobile Workstations and Battery Exchange Stations

Efficient work processes while reducing walking routes

With out mobile workstations you are able to move and use your workplace incl. scanner, printer, laptops or IPC where it is needed! 

Together with our battery exchange station it is optimally equipped for 3-shift operations. 

Below are some of our standard models. For our online-configurator click here...

Aufstellung verschiedener Mobilwagen 1100 in mehreren Farben, mobile Arbeitsplätze

Open PC Station with Internal Power Supply and Battery Indicator

For mobile data acquisition, printing, online editing and handling. This station is optimized for rugged industrial environment, can bear up to 150 kilograms of weight and is suited for 3-shift operations.

Mobilwagen 1100G mobiler Arbeitsplatz in geschlossener Bauweise Solcon

Closed EDT Workstation

The closed version of our Mobile Workstation 1100 has a drawer for printing equipment, so the equipment is 
protected against dirt and debris. 

Workshop Wagon

This mobile workstation is particularly suitable for accomodation of test and measuring equipment for quality control. 

Below you find a selection of preselected mobile workstations we custom-built for customers.