Mobile Workstation 1100

Mobile Workstation for IPC, Laptop, Printer or Scanner

The Mobile Workstation 1100 is equipped with an own power supply. The integrated battery indicator shows the charge level of the interchangeable battery. In combination with the replacement battery and the battery exchange station the Mobile Workstation 1100 is set for a continuous operation. 

Adjustable mounting solutions guarantee easy and save installations of IPC or screens. A telescopic shelf for printer, a big surface for storing batteries and a detachable rear panel are available. The ergonomical handles, the low centre of gravity and the big wheels allow the workstation to be moved easily.

Integrated Battery Indicator

Akkuanzeige eines Mobilwagen 1100 / 1100G

The battery indicator has an LCD display and is a standard feature for the Mobile Workstation 1100. For other versions it is available optionally. Optical and acoustical signals inform about the current charge level. The remaining capacity of the battery is shown in form of a bar on the display and a per cent number, so the battery can be exchanged timely and comfortably.

Optionally the ambient temperature and the battery temperature can be displayed as well and the number of deep discharges since the last battery change are documented. Even a documentation of the charge levels of the last 255 days are possible. 



  • Complying with the DIN VDE 0701-0702 standard
  • For use in rough environments
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Wide range of accessories

Dimensions / Weight

  • W / D / H: 600 x 600 x 1100mm
  • Shelf: 510 x 510mm
  • Weight: 95kg