Products and Solutions for Ports and Airports

Special security regulations, large open spaces and many dead spots place high demands on network connections and reliability of hardware and software components. Here you find a selection of products and solutions we developed for several german ports and airports-

IPC Industrie PC Fahrzeugterminal UniDat Small Solcon

Defroster Vehicles and tugs / tractors of many airports use our special vehicle terminal computer. Our termincal PC fulfills all special requirements of airports, especially a special network connectivity and toughness. 

RoRo tractors or tugmasters use long-range RFID reader to receive the passive RFID transponder data from trailers, low height carriages, trolleys and other passive vehicles when to and disconnecting. At the same time additional locating data of the tug vehicles are transmitted as well, to document the whole handling process.  



For transport vehicles operating in ports (contrainer bridges, straddle carrier, reach stacker, heavy lift trucks etc.) we developed a rear camera system to increase handling and safety for manoeuvring processes.