Real-time Locating System

RTLS Staplerortung Solcon Systemtechnik

Through a combination of different technologies for locating and detecting (e.g. GPS, LPS, RTLS) we transmit seamlessly the position of moving, with RFID tags equipped, objects in real-time. Our product solutions allow the tracking of the RFID tags indoors as well as outdoors. 

The concept of Outdoor-Indoor-Locating is designed for locating and tracking individuals, vehicles and assets easily combinable with superior IT-Systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, SLS etc.). Solcon develops product solutions for various sectors and applications to increase process optimization. In the following you find a selection of RFID locating systems we designed for different industries. 

The Concept of Outdoor-Indoor-Locating

Due to the limited usability of GPS to only outdoors, we combine GPS with an indoor locating technology (which is an in-house development) to provide a seamless indoor-outdoor positioning system. 

Tracking Solutions

Components for Locating Solutions