Depot Management

Real-Time Locating for Automobile Terminals and Depot Management

Real-time location data are crucial for managing automotive terminals or depots to maintain steady handling, storage, transport or disposition processes. Where is the next vehicle and which process step is next.

In our locating solution for depots we use bar codes and passive RFID technology for identification and active locating technology for localization as well as a variety of sensors for documentation of vehicle conditions. All the collected data can be reprocessed to get a comprehensive overview of all relevant information.




When a vehicle is moved the position data is automatically transferred through GPS (Global Positioning System) signals outdoors and LPS (Local Positioning System) indoors. With trackable radio scanner or PDAs additional information like work progess, technical defaults, oil levels and other object conditions can be documented and transmitted. The transmission of all data takes place wirelessly (e.g. through WiFi or radio communication) to the main server. The primary advantage is the easy and fast discoverableness as well as tracking of work progress and vehicle conditions.