EOS Components

EOS Solcon Systemtechnik Echtzeit Ortungssystem

Below is an overview of the individual components used in our modular real-time locating system (EOS), in which different locating technologies like UWB, RFID, GPS, BLE 4.0, etc. can be combined for indoor as well as outdoor use.

EOS Satellite Receiving Station

The EOS satellite receiving station forms the basis for all locating and tracking applications, especially for the indoor use. The stations fulfills a similar function to that of space satellites in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).


The compact box computer receives and processes RFID and locating data. Up to 4 reader antennas can be installed as well as wireless interfaces for WLAN, UMTS, Bluetooth and a selection of various sensors. 

EOS Tag Echtzeit Ortungssystem Solcon Systemtechnik

EOS Active Transponder

The EOS active transponder communicate with the corresponding EOS infrastructure through GPS, LPS, RTLS and Bluetooth for accurate position determination and data transmission. The transponders can be equipped with intertial sensor technology and bus systems (e.g. CAN, I2C) and be used for vehicle locating and tracking.

EOS Visual Studio

Customizable visualisation software for a graphic or tabular presentation of RFID or locating data.

EOS Middleware Echtzeit Ortungssystem Solcon Systemtechnik

EOS Middleware

Middleware for the integration of our EOS locating system into existing company software, e.g. ERP Systems.

Examples of Use

Due to the modularity the fields of application for our EOS solutions are diverse. Here you find some application examples from the indutry and logistics.