EOS Search & Track Box

EOS Solcon Systemtechnik Echtzeit Ortungssystem

Waterproof Tracking-Box for Globale Localization 

Due to the small size and the sensitive GPS receiver the box can be installed nearly everywhere, where it's safe. Along with an installment with screws, the a strong magnetic holder allows attachments on any magnetic parts. In combination with the integrated module for data communication the EOS Search & Track Box is a cost-efficient an easy-to-install device for globale real-time tracking and detection. 

All data is transmitted in fixed time intervals (e.g. 30 seconds) through cost-saving mobile communication to the EOS receiver system. Vehicle or obect data can be displayed with the EOS Search and Track Software in all scalable digital maps. No external hosts are necessary. The data is encrypted and only accessable for authorised personnel. 

The EOS-system is capable of server operations and accessible for up to 50 workstations at once. Due to the complete integration of the system the only cost comes from the data transmission through mobile communication.

Schaubild GPS Search und Track Box

Fields of Application

  • Localization and theft protection of cargo, goods, container, trailer etc.
  • Mobile locating system for forklift trucks, construction vehicles, specialty vehicles, wagons
  • Transport tracking of valuables
  • Fleet management
  • Optimization of transport capacities

Product Benefits

  • Map display of all GPS Search and Track Boxes
  • Easy search option for any object (e.g. vehicle number, equipment number of the container)
  • Efficient energy management for longlasting battery and solar power
  • Optimized data transmission through bundling of data (data is only getting transmitted, when there is a change in location)
  • Easy installation through screw attachment between the case and the object
  • Daily reports of operating data of the GPS Search and Track Box (e.g. battery charge level)
  • Text reports possible for up to 12 events (e.g. Geofencing, charge level)
  • Historization of position data for a subsequent processing and reassessment