Localization of Persons Indoors and Outdoors

Personenortung Patientenortung Solcon Systemtechnik

With our solutions for locating individuals, their position can be located both inside (buildings, museums, care facilities, laboratories, power plants, chemical plants, tunnels etc.) and outside (large construction sites). 

It is possible to locate in real-time without much effort. In combination with various sensors even vital signs can be transmitted to a server containing locating software. 

Few Components, Easy Installation

The key component is a transponder attached to the every relevant person. The localization outdoors is realised through GPS technology. In all rooms or areas indoors satellite receiver are installed, which receive the signals from the transponder. The transponder transmit all sensor and location data to access points or sends it directly to the central server through radio communication. The server stores the data and all authorized persons can visualize and analyse the movement pattern and position data. 

Advantages and Benefits of Person Locating Systems

  • Easy to install
  • In combination with sensors monitoring of vital signs possible
  • Seamless real-time locating of persons indoors and outdoors
  • Integrable in existing systems and server/network structures

Fields of Application

  • People in need of help (e.g. hostitals or care facilities)
  • Increased safety of workplaces with high potential dangers (e.g. chemical plants, power stations, oil rigs etc.)
  • Sport analysis
  • Museums, stages and entertainment purposes