Documentation and Tracking of Goods with Locating and Video Systems

Despite the use of scanners and modern inventory management it still happens that goods are lost or stored incorrectly. Stockouts are the result. To solve this problem, video cameras can be used to document the goods flow. To know the exact position of the goods at the time of scanning makes it possible to select the relevant footage of the video cameras very quickly. Our solution combines location and video documentation of the scanned good, and allows its fast retrieval in case of loss.

Localization takes place during scanning

Mobile Scanners (Handhelds) are equipped with transponders. Additionally receiver are installed the warehouse, to take on the job of satellites. Through calculating the distance between receiver and scanner the position of the good can be determined accurately.

Combining position data and video recordings

For a seamless tracking of the goods the locating system can be extended through video systems. The video recordings can be linked to the position data. This way relevant recordings can be found easily.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Seamless tracking of scanned goods
  • Minimized search times
  • Quick detection of stockouts
  • Easily to be integrated into existing systems